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Abhijit Pohankar presents the Mangniyars of Rajasthan in a very new sound in this collaboration project in which the urban sounds are mixed with the folk music of Rajasthan. 

Abhijit Pohankar's Fusion Ensemble

In this act Abhijit Pohankar & his band performs the well-known tracks from his very popular albums 'Piya Bavari', 'Piya Bavari Again', 'Urban Raga' & 'Thumri Funk' etc.


A unique blend of Poetry, Thumries & Ghazals by Makrand Deshpande (Poetry recital), Pt Ajay Pohankar (Vocals), Abhijit Pohankar (Keyboards& Ghazal vocals) along with 4 piece fusion band.


The ultimate sound feat Abhijit Pohankar & Ut Taufiq Qureshi. A Unique blend of two western instruments playing Indian classical music. Abhijit Pohankar (Indian Classical Keyboards) & Ut Taufiq Qureshi (Djembe).

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